Reasons to Hire Us





We offer specialized services in non-profit marketing and management always staying abreast of new technologies, skills and information in the field. Our network includes individuals from national organizations, corporations, non-profit organizations and other consultants.

We have the tools, skills and resources that allow us to perform an assignment better, faster and more economically than clients can on their own. We do not believe in “reinventing the wheel.” Existing tools will be used when available resulting in a cost savings for the client.

We concentrate on accomplishing an assignment quickly, our clients are free to operate the on-going business without diversion. Because we are an independent firm, we can work behind the scenes. And, we will always keep all information received about a client confidential.

We bring a fresh viewpoint, unencumbered by the stress and bias of the business. If we cannot help our client, we will say so and refer them to other appropriate resources. We will never be used simply as an outside stamp of approval. It is our job to remain impartial in our analysis and advise.