Foundation Services

The time and effort required of trustees, officers, and staff to run a private foundation can be overwhelming, and may detract from the foundation’s charitable mission. CNY Enterprises offers a variety of management services to ensure the efficient and effective operation of your foundation. When the burdens of grants management, meeting coordination, and record keeping fall to a volunteer board of trustees, trustees become increasingly overwhelmed. CNY can help you do the following:

  • Facilitate strategic planning sessions with foundation board, including mission, vision and focus
  • Develop grant guidelines and funding strategies
  • Identify key areas of impact and ways to increase impact
  • Research current trends in key areas of interest and historical grant patterns
  • Develop and implement grant-making process
  • Solicit, accept and review grant applications
  • Process grant related correspondence, including denial and award letters
  • Follow up on reports from grant recipients
  • Arrange and conduct site visits to nonprofits
  • Establish measures of effectiveness
  • Collaborate with other donors interested in the same key focus areas
  • Manage day-to-day financial operations
  • Interface with existing providers such as accountants and investment professionals
  • Prepare financial reports
  • Administer grant disbursements
  • Maintain foundation files, including grant records
  • Report on grants activity and giving history
  • Maintain grant and donor databases
  • Set the board meeting schedule, agenda and location
  • Prepare the board book and meeting minutes
  • Prepare grant summaries and recommendations
  • Develop policies and procedures for decision-making
  • Arrange event to present grant checks and honor grantees
  • Develop fundraising and marketing events
  • Plan educational conferences and workshops to highlight key focus areas
  • Schedule and plan foundation’s annual meeting


Our services increase the effectiveness and ease the administrative responsibility of running a private or family foundation. You can purchase individual services or hire CNY to operate the entire foundation.

Individual Services

CNY Enterprises can perform specific services as the need arises. We can work as a member of an existing team or perform the entire service. Fees are set for individual services and are negotiable based on the foundation’s assets. 

Complete Foundation Operations

CNY Enterprises can manage all aspects of your foundation -- from your offices or ours. This solution enables you to focus on your philanthropic interests while leaving all of the administrative work to us. Fees for this service can be set on a monthly, quarterly or annually basis.

Email to schedule a meeting to explore which services will work best for you.