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What Should I Do??

Have you ever found yourself sitting at your desk frustrated because you have a question and no one to immediately turn to for the answer? Do you wish you had that one person you could call to coach you through a project?


Step 1: Don't Panic!

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Step 2: Call or E-mail


Step 3: Success!


It's that easy!

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Experts are a click or phone call away! Our experts are both practitioners and consultants who understand today’s unique challenges and have an array of resources at their fingertips. Solutions On Demand is immediate and cost effective. Our solutions eliminate the need to conduct lengthy internet searches, most of which do not address your particular question. Solutions on Demand can provide important ongoing help as you navigate through a problem or project.

Solutions on Demand can provide you with:

E-Mail Answer Support:

Any time you have a perplexing question or need advice, simply contact us via e-mail. Where possible, answers will be provided immediately, with a guaranteed 8 hour response time.

Telephone Support (for telephone subscribers only):

Scheduled telephone calls help when in-depth project support and coaching is needed. Telephone calls are held in ½ hr. intervals up to 1 hour per call. They must be scheduled in advance and can be held within 24 hours of request, if needed.

Regularly Scheduled Phone Follow-Ups (for E-mail subscribers):

This is your opportunity to update us on your priorities and plans and raise any questions that have not come up during the E-mail exchanges.

Document Reviews:

Whether you are drafting a job description or strategic plan, they can be difficult to write. E-mail the document to us for an expert assessment. We will return it to you promptly together with our comments and suggestions.

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